5 Must Haves For a Terrible Night Out!

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     Now, I mean c’mon gentlemen, we have to take the higher road here and presume all awkwardness is radiating from the other end and obviously not ourselves! For some of you this may be a reoccurring thing and that’s ok because guess what? It’s not your fault brother! But regardless let’s get down to the meat and taters of the whole thing:
Scenario #1- You get out of the car, and for some reason its taking her a fortnight to get out on her end? Don’t worry to speed up the process, go stand by her door until she opens it and then hand her one of these, this will expedite the walk inside substantially, and it’s got a flashlight!
Scenario #2- You and her start making your way towards the restaurant but before you know she is stumbling off into a different direction about to thump a pole until you pull her back but as you see, this still leaves the issue of the phone being sewed to her eyeballs, so what do you bust out? BOOM! You can have actually eye to eye conversations and Live Stream the whole thing while you’re at it too!
 Scenario #3- Now that you have been taken to your seats and gotten comfortable, conversation begin flowing and you can’t recall exactly but at some point in time you lost track of what she was saying and can’t quite string together enough residual information for a proper or even worthy response. So how do you get out of that one? Simple. We got you covered with the press of a button!
Scenario #4- Alright trooper you have made it this far, now there’s no turning back, awkward or not that bill is coming and there’s no hiding so you know damn well you better take care of it you asshole! Only one thing you’ll need for this one…
Scenario #5- Well its reached the end of the night and from the looks of it, it doesn’t appear likely you will get any action tonight, but you have the power to change that!

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