Kibrono Announces Limited-Edition “So Hood” Collaboration with Maxim Marketplace

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Elevate your wardrobe with a distinct jacket for all seasons.
 By: Andrew Pogany


Photographer: Cameron Offer@camoffer

Model: Darrin Bragg@darrinbragg


 Exude the cool confidence of a Jedi journeyman in “So Hood”, a unique limited-edition jacket from Kibrono, produced exclusively for Maxim Marketplace.

 Launched Summer 2017 by friends Lucas Allen and Blake Landis, Kibrono has made a name for itself with gender-neutral outerwear that combines the breezy vibes of Mexican serapes with the precisely hemmed silhouettes of Japanese hanten jackets.

 The result is an elevated collection of sleek, multi-seasonal staples designed for the urban adventurer.


Photographer: Cameron Offer@camoffer

Model: Callan Oconor@callanoconor


  “We started exploring the idea last year,” says Allen. “This type of garment has existed in many different places, at many different times, in many different forms, which gives our products both some familiarity and some edge.”

 Evoking the rich cultural heritages from which they stem, these open-front jackets are part of the kimono’s growing influence among the fashion elite. For the last few years, luxury brands such as Alexander McQueen and Gucci have been riffing on the formalism of the old world Japanese aesthetic.

 But this is no longer a trend reserved for fashion runways and red carpets.

 “The flowy bohemian style is out there,” says Allen, “ But it doesn't capture the fabric quality, attention to detail, and possibilities of customization that we’re looking to bring.”

 Constructed from incredibly soft French terry cloth, the Kibrono x Maxim Marketplace collab represents the brand’s continued dedication to premium materials and local production.


Made in Los Angeles, the thigh-length jacket features two pockets, an oversized hoodie with signature “So Hood” embroidery, and an oversized Obi-belt.

 “The belt adds a little bit of that elevated robe quality,” says Allen. “It allows you to cinch up the back, which gives it a really nice form-fitting tailored look.”

 Reasonably priced at $175.00 and available for only a limited time, the Kibrono jacket radiates with a dynamic, slouchy sophistication—sleek enough for holiday parties with enough comfort for bonfires on the beach.






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