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You look like a poisonous caterpillar. Either way, everyone should keep their distance.

No, this is your ‘I’m a Dipshit T-Shirt’. Your dog probably hates you.

One small step for a dandy fop, one giant leap for douchebag-kind.

If this is what the future looks like, let’s just go ahead and end ourselves as a species now.

Eye can see that you take yourself too seriously.

Nothing says ‘Wannabe photographer’ like arranging to have your photo taken while taking a photo.

You could land a 747 on that unibrow.

You look like you friend people that you don’t actually know on Facebook.

You look like Santa Claus attempting to rebrand for the millennial audience. It sucks shit.

This is the kind of insufferable dude who refers to beers as ‘libations’ and brings a copy of Moby Dick that he’s never read to the bar.

This guy couldn’t stick to one fashion style so he settled for failing at all of them at once.

Looks like someone didn’t get any likes from mommy or daddy when he was growing up.

Another gormless creature using facial hair as a personality replacement.

So that’s what’s at the end of a rainbow… Bummer!

It’s unclear what you’re going for with this look but just stop it immediately.


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