Dog Diggin Designs Posh Plush Cloud 9 Bed Collection | Catnapping in the Lap Luxury (Chewy Vuiton, 24x24x4)

  • $127.95

Brand: Dog Diggin Designs

Color: Chewy Vuiton


  • Season's "It" Bed. Provides insulation, back and joint support, warmth and a feeling of security.
  • Grapes Not Included. Call it a more civilized way for your pup to lounge and mark its territory.
  • Start Your Engines. From chasing birds, barking at squirrels, and taking naps, dog's life doesn't get any busier.
  • Butler Proof. Let Jeeves tackle hors d'oeuvres as the cover unzips for ease of cleaning. Cold water.
  • No Springs Attached. Appliqué in the dog house! No details left out. Bold colors. Iconic symbols.

Publisher: Dog Diggin Designs

Details: Dog Diggin Designs Cloud 9 Bed Collection

Dog Diggin Designs Cloud 9 Bed Collection started with the premise that our canine pals deserved a better sleeping experience coupled with the question, "why do all dog beds have to look similar?" If our four-legged friends were going to take valuable real estate space in our humble abodes, we wanted to make sure that they at least received the attention they deserved. We asked our seamstresses and tailors to create centerpieces to showcase their canine sensibilities and add pizazz to their surroundings. We have two Cloud 9 Bed lines for the speedster or fashionista in your life.

Visit Your Closest Bark Dealership

Stand aside as The Fast And The Furryness speeds right by you. Give your furry little friend the keys to a brand new Furrari or DMW. Our car designs will have all of the other dogs in the neighborhood barkin' with jealousy all night long, but that's the nosy neighbor's problem now. After racing around all day, every puppy deserves a nap and this plush dog bed will make sure they fall fast asleep! Just set it on cruise control and dreams of the wind blowing in their fur with the top down in their brand new car are soon to follow.

Standing The Test Of Canine Time

Our classic Chewy Vuiton, Chewnel #5 and Sniffany & Co. beds were designed to be signature pieces in any fashion maven's collection. These timeless beds will provide pleasurable siestas and endless talking points. Designed and built to pass even the most critical of eyes, Dog Diggin Designs beds will give an immediate face uplift to any home, apartment, room or office. Fashion has no breed prejudice so let your best buddy indulge themselves in a luxury bed that will soon be its favorite pit stop after a long day of adventures.

The biggest challenge might be finding the perfect spot for these beds. The best solution might be to purchase more than one!